Company Profile

The word "beeline" defines the most direct route between two points, and that is the exact thing that Research Beeline aspires to do with regard to the world of research funding in the African continent. On one end are the researchers and on the other, the endless opportunities and support coming from sponsors, government agencies, philanthropists, scholars and many other sources from the world over; we simply connect the two ends and the effect is a vibrant and well-informed research community in the continent.

Research Beeline was founded out of the realization that Researchers in Africa share in so many ways similar challenges and opportunities. It is also common knowledge that most of the funding that is currently supporting research in our Universities and research institutes comes from sponsors who traverse the globe and thus for a researcher in the region to succeed, a deliberate and consistent flow of research funding information has to be guaranteed; thus, establishing Research Beeline came out of this necessity.

We do not just update on available opportunities but do go further to report on the entire funding landscape so that our researchers understand the story behind each opportunity before they go for it.

Once an institution subscribes, it will have empowered its researchers to seek funding, scholarships and collaboration opportunities by themselves; individually or in groups, and thus, leaving the research office with more time and resources to offer support in other equally important areas. Some of our subscribers include; Makerere University, Uganda Management Institute, Pwani University, Technical University of Mombasa, Strathmore University, Kibabii University, and many other universities are currently doing a trial run.