about us

What we do

Our main mandate is to connect researchers in Africa with opportunities. We ensure that our researchers are well updated of every opportunity available for their growth; whether grant calls, fellowships, mentorship opportunities or any form of support they are eligible for.

Apart from informing, we also play our part in tackling other serious challenges that have been identified to hamper research advancement in the region. We avail funding news and grant management online resources aimed at supporting postgraduate students, faculty and research managers in our institutions. We aspire to be a sort of think tank on how the continent can address the challenges and emerging opportunities for the good of research in the continent.

our mission

To enhance research capacity for institutions in Africa as well as the quality and quantity of Phd graduates in African Universities.

our vision

To be the most trusted source of funding information and insights by researchers and research managers to improve the quality of life in Africa.

Funding opportunities

A comprehensive and reliable source of funding opportunities spanning across all research areas which we update every day.


Research resources

A resource centre for researchers career development, whether pursuing your Phd, Masters or even post Doc.



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